Cyborg 009 Review

Written by FJ Desanto and Bradley Cramp

Illustrated by Marcus To

Colored by Ian Herring

Lettered by Deron Bennett

Designed by Jon Adams

Edited by Stephen Christy

Created by Shotaro Ishinomori

Cyborg 009 is probably one of the earliest anime’s I have ever seen. As a child series like Cyborg 009 opened me to the world of manga, Anime and comic books. I want to say I have to thank Shotaro Ishinomori for the passion I have for comic books, Manga and Anime because without him I probably would have never been exposed to this world.


I know I maybe late but I did not know that ARCHAIA was creating a comic book based on the classic 1960’s series until I walked into the comic book store today. What a pleasant surprise it was to see zero zero nine on the comic rack for $1 no less! I had to buy this because even if it was bad I could still go back to the good old days when the only care I had was coming home by 3 to watch Toonami!


The story opens up with zero zero nine waking up from his transformation. He is clearly confused on what has happened to him and just before he wakes up I believe we see a memory of his pre-cyborg life.  009 doesn’t have much time to think about what is going around him because once he wakes up he is being attacked by some robots. 009 makes quick work of these robots showing the sinister Black Ghost Organization what they paid for.

Before the Black Ghost Org can truly gain control over their new weapon they order him to kill his predecessors, Cyborgs 001-008. Little did Black Ghost know it was all a ploy and the classic chase begins! Along the way we see glimpses of all the certain abilities the Cyborgs have to fight against their former masters.


The Good

Cyborg 009 is back what else could I ask for? I mean it has been over 8 years since I have even seen 009 and to be honest I am over the moon right now. The story developed by FJ Desanto and Bradley Cramp is identical from the Manga as I remember and that’s a good thing.

The art also looks to be exactly the same style used for the anime. The art in this book grabs your attention immediately because it similar to the anime styles of Astro boy and Cyborg 009.

This story was always a crowd pleaser and even though it’s a bit aged I still believe it will hold up against the test of time and come out pretty great! I usually don’t mention this but the actual package of the book is pretty expensive feeling as well. Kudos to Archaia for creating a quality book all around.

The Bad

I refuse to bad mouth this book because I feel like a kid on Christmas. I love the Art, Writing and the Style. I have clearly added another book to my pull list.


5 out of 5 – Brought me back to the good old Toonami days after school!